About Deft Devise
Rapid global technology growth continues to create new and exciting opportunities that change the way we live, think and function from day to day. Deft Devise is all about assiduous Idea Execution; a freethinking design, engineering, manufacturing and consulting consortium. We work with a wide range of clients to advance ideas, manufacture designs, and consult on end to end product development, technical marketing, global manufacturing, and team dynamics. At Deft Devise, we breathe life into concepts and take them from notion to reality. We understand that it is not good enough just to move an idea forward or to develop a product on par with the industry. Instead, we challenge ourselves on all fronts to exhaust all possibilities of a vision; to develop disruptive innovations that change the game. All the while keeping quality, integrity, and inspiration at the core of our work.

Over the years we have built many relationships, continually expanding our global network. However, our mission remains the same: to be quick and adroit at comprehending a client’s concepts and transforming them into incredible outcomes.

We are unique in many ways from other excellent engineering, product development, & business consulting companies for a variety of reasons.

Regardless of the discipline employed, each of our team members maintains involvement within the world’s top companies developing future technologies. This affords us access to the latest technologies & knowledge available to be integrated where applicable.

Nearly all of our team members are competitive athletes in a wide variety of sports; from part-time professional to ranked amateurs to adventure junkies. The result of this dynamic is that with every product or program in which we are involved, competitiveness & ultimate performance are always integral to the solution process & final product.

We are a very cohesive team and creativity is always “on.” The level of respect and camaraderie found here fosters an environment of continuous brainstorming and sharing of ideas. Internal competitiveness is high but understood and accepted as a constructive tool to improve the strength of the entire organization.

We listen assiduously to our clients. Always imperative is the complete understanding of our client’s vision and to exceed expectations in all aspects of our relationship.

Again, thank you for showing an interest in Deft Devise. Contact us with any questions. We’re always looking forward to the next creative & innovative adventure!

Rick Kaufmann, Founder & CEO