Product Development or New Product Development (NPD) is the complete process of bringing a new product from concept to market launch. There are two primary, parallel paths involved in the NPD process:

Deft Devise can help you with any, or, every step in both paths of the process. There are many ways we can integrate our services with your needs:

  • Turnkey product development: We deliver a complete product to the point of prototype or first production article or we even take care of your production manufacturing.
  • Individual Services: you can pick and choose what services we can help you with. For example, maybe we complete the conceptual design, your in-house engineering completes the engineering drawings, and we line up your overseas manufacturing.
  • Consulting: We work as mentors to your team; or work within your team as a temporary team member(s); or? There are many ways to approach the process & we will tailor our services to best arrive at the ultimate goal.
  • Combination: Any combination of the above.