One critical function of Deft Devise is to provide exceptional, game changing consulting. Our goal is, and must always be, to add so much value that you want our company to be a permanent part of your company! A fundamental imperative is that everyone we interact with in your organization has an excellent, value-added experience. Consulting can be a standalone service or combined with our developing a product for you. The primary areas in which we provide consulting services are:

  • End-to-end product development, or any sub-part(s) of the process
  • Design engineering
  • Manufacturing
    • International
    • Domestic
    • High Volume
    • Low volume
    • Rapid Prototype
  • Technical organization management
  • International, cohesive team management
  • Group dynamics, conflict management & resolution
  • Win-Win: Improving job satisfaction while improving innovation, quality, and productivity.

We have unique approaches on how the consulting is applied and tailored to suit your organization and needs.

Of all that we do at Deft Devise, our favorite is consulting; working within a client’s organization, meeting diverse people, creating incredible products, and being that catalyst to functioning at maximum potential.