Developing a new product begins with a concept or inspiration, but many crucial steps exist between that beginning and the successful execution of a new product launch. Sometimes the illusive step is the first step; the getting started step. We like to keep that first step quick and simple.

Step one: Give us a call (or E-mail).

We are more than happy to start with a brief introduction over the phone, an exchange of contact information, and we will provide you with a few easy “next” steps to begin your product development journey.If you are more comfortable with making your first contact with us via E-mail, & then we call you, feel free to start there.

Step two: NDA

The introduction step is just that, an introduction between you and us. We will not get into any great detail about your idea until we have a clear NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in place. The NDA protects the subsequent conversations and ideas that we will share. It makes clear how the information we share can and may be used. We can have that agreement in place the same day as our introduction.

Step three: Your Idea

With the NDA place, we can get into the details of your idea and begin the brainstorming. This initial brainstorming will cover many aspects of your idea that we need to consider: costs, lead-time, market potential (good and bad), design & engineering requirements, manufacturing, marketing channels, distribution, etc. With you, we want to have as clear of an understanding as possible, the potential risks and rewards involved.

Step four: Roadmap…

If we have agreed to move forward, we map out how: Step 5 and beyond, what is involved in each of those steps, milestones, financial expectations, etc…