As mentioned on our Product Development landing page, New Product Development (NPD) is the complete process of bringing a new product from concept to market launch. The two primary, parallel paths involved in the NPD process are:

  • Refining the idea, product design, detail engineering and manufacturing logistics
  • Market research, marketing analysis, & rollout strategy.

Both of these paths are critical. If you search the internet (or elsewhere) for information regarding product development, you will find argument between those who believe that the most important element to a successful new product is a great idea and those who believe that the most important element is great execution. The arguments are obvious.

The idea argument is simply that if you don’t have a great idea, there is nothing to execute on.

The execution argument is that, with great execution, you can have a successful product with just an okay idea. That, without great execution, even the greatest idea will fail.

The truth is, while both arguments are proven true & false over the development of millions of products, both elements argued are important.

At Deft Devise, we see & believe in the profound importance of excellent execution of great ideas.