Thermic Rule is an engineering and manufacturing company that develops and produces thermal management hardware and control systems for semiconductor test, medical, biotech and other industrial markets. Complete management system elements include: bi-directional digital control &power systems; control-delivery hardware; automation; & chiller systems.

Thermic Rule is a market game changer:

Shear performance:

  • Lowest temperature capability: -133°C (and up to +200°C)
  • Highest power dissipation capabilities
  • Fastest ramp rate capability
  • Most efficient heat exchanger technologies in the industry
  • DUT “no hot spot” technology
  • Multiple temperature control zones in single head
  • Most advanced pick-and-place handler thermal heads


  • Highest performance proprietary technologies
  • Highest power
  • Best industrial design
  • Multiple temperature zones
  • Feedback for DUT & heat exchanger temperatures
  • Automated chiller controls
  • Elaborate safety mechanisms


  • Planarity mechanisms providing true-center articulation
  • Pick and place automated handler heads
  • Coolest fixtures & adapters
  • Best actuators and attachments