AccessoriesThermic Rule, in conjunction with partner company Deft Devise, designs, manufactures & otherwise provides any maintenance & support hardware and accessories required to completely satisfy the customer’s requirements and exceed performance & integration expectations. Examples of hardware includes but is not limited to:

  • Pedestals: The pedestal serves a few critical functions; the primary being heat transfer from DUT to thermal control engine. In many cases, a change of pedestal is all that is required in order to change the utilization of a Thermal Head from one application to another. Pedestals can compensate for a change in DUT topography, size and thickness.
  • Change Kits: Hardware can include complete handler change kits or only the components required to integrate a Thermic Rule Thermal Head into a handler.
  • TEC maintenance kits: Kits include new TECs, thermal interface material, new fasteners & instructions including torque guidelines.
  • Socket Mount Plates: These are custom designed plates required to attached MAD Series Thermal Heads (or others) to nearly any socket. Kits include custom plates, fasteners & instructions.
  • Pneumatic Cyclinders& Mount Kits: In many applications, thermal heads are mounted to pneumatic cylinders and suspended above the socket. Pressing of the DUT into the socket is facilitated by actuating the cylinder which in turn lowers the thermal head to the DUT and presses it into the socket. Thermic Rule designs and provides all hardware required to mount & operate a pneumatic system.
  • Test Stations: Test stations are complete standalone fixtures that may hold a test board (PCB), pneumatic cylinder, PCB cooling fans, pneumatic control hardware, thermal head control interface, etc.
  • Cable Harnesses: Cable harnesses are custom built to include noise suppressed sensor lines as well as all power and function lines.
  • Hose Harnesses: Hose harnesses are custom built to facilitate negligible ΔT and condensation while providing excellent flexibility and wear protection.