ATE – Robotic Pick-&-Place Thermal Control Systems

Change kits allow a single robotic handler to support a variety of IC packaging. This custom-designed, swappable tooling (change kit), which is part of the handler, is for the customer whose devices come in an array of shapes and sizes. It allows a handler to be used flexibly with a variety of devices, instead of having to be dedicated to one specific device type and/or size.

Thermic Rule custom engineers thermal control heads to handle virtually any device, to integrate into any handler and to interface with any change kit. In fact, Thermic Rule will design and manufacture the entire change kit if you prefer a single source for complete handler tooling.

Systems include but are not limited to:

  • Pick-&-Place or Plunge Thermal Control Heads
  • Control & Power System
  • Chiller System
  • Alignment Plates
  • Soak Trays
  • Dump Trays
  • I/O Trays
  • Docking Plates
  • Hose Harnesses
  • Cable Harnesses